TXBVA Rankings and Seedings

The Texas Beach Volleyball Association TXBVA is currently made up of mulitple affiliates across the state.

We have created statewide seeding/ranking & rating system to capture all results from around the state.


Affiliates: AJV Sand, Texas Volleyball Tour, 210 Beach, MadSand, 692 Beach, Silver Beach, Texas Image Sand, P1 Beach,

GCVA Sand, Project Serve, ND Sand, Thirdcoast Juniors, and LinMar Beach.


Contact us at info@thetxbva.org if interested in being an affiliate



Open/AAA: Elite Skill

AA: Advanced Skill

A: Good Skill

BB: Solid Skill

B: Moderate to Beginning Skill

Unrated: Beginner (not hard to get to B)


Juniors: Girls & Boys effective September 1, 2019
18U Born on or after September 1, 2001 or born on or after September 1, 2000 and a high school student in the 12th grade or below during some part of the current academic year

16U born on/after 9/1/2003

15U born on/after 9/1/2004

14U born on/after 9/1/2005

12U born on/after 9/1/2007


Players earn Seeding/Ranking everytime they play an affiliates event and that affiliate provides the results. Points are calculated using the following formula:

Division Base Points x Number of Teams Entered = Total Points Earned

1st Place = 100% of Points
2nd Place = 90% of 1st Place
3rd Place = 90 % of 2nd Place

And so on… with each place receiving 90% of the place before it.



Each division has a base number of points that never changes.

Adults Juniors Division Points
OPEN/AAA n/a 150
AA 18U 75
A 16U 50
BB 15U 25
B 14U 17
Unrated 12U 10

RANKING = total of best 5 point finishes over the past 365 days (regardless of division)

Ranking points will be used to rank players, seed tournaments and used as one indicator of when a player needs to move up to the next adult division. Ranking points will be calculated on a per-athlete basis rather than a per-team basis, allowing athletes to switch partners freely without penalty.